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MerCruiser Exhaust Manifolds Manufacturer

XME is the top marine exhaust parts manufacturer in China. We can supply all kinds of different MerCruiser Exhaust Manifolds , Risers , Elbew and so on.

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Xinlong Machinery is a professional marine exhaust manifold factory, which specializes in providing high-quality marine exhaust manifolds, risers, elbows, pistons, cylinder liners, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and other engine components for global customers. We have developed more than 50 types of exhaust components, including marine exhaust manifolds, risers, elbows, etc.

At XME, we are now committed to producing the highest quality marine engine components at the most competitive prices. Through the hard work of all employees, we are proud to deliver more than 100,000 exhaust manifolds to our customers every year. Our exhaust components are mainly exported to the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa and other countries.

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4.3 MerCruiser Exhaust Manifold 

4.3 Mercruiser Risers and Manifolds

5.0/5.7 MerCruiser Exhaust Manifold


3.0 MerCruiser Exhaust Manifold



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